Saturday, February 28, 2009

Bullet the Pauper

This month's "Motorcyclist" has an article by James Parker titled "The prince and the pauper". Adorned with a picture of "The Doctor" on his Yamaha popping a small wheelie, it starts discussing the bhp per liter ratio of the two bikes on the magazine cover's comparo, the V-Max and the B-King (101 and 120 respectively). It then goes on to talk about The Doctor's M1 2008 which propelled him to the MotoGP championship. It calls the motorcycle "The Prince" and notes it delivers an impressive 300 bhp per liter. The story goes on to define "The Pauper" in the story, and it is a Royal Enfield Bullet 500 with 44 bhp/liter. The story notes that the brand new Harley-Davidson Crossbones also has 44 bhp/liter. It ends on a positive note: "But don't laugh at the pauper, getting by on 44 bhp per liter. Success can also be defined in terms of a long production history like the Enfields's -- or so by an unrivalled slaes history like Harley-Davidson's".

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