Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The first

No, this motorcycle is not a Royal Enfield ;-). This was my first motorcycle. In 1983 I started graduate school in the city of Bariloche, Argentina. The Institute where I studied was 10kms away from town, so a means of transportation was needed. I purchased this Zanella Surumpio 1977 for US$350. Zanella still makes motorcycles in Argentina today. The Surumpio was a motocross version of their streetbike at the time. Not very many were made. Mine had engine number Y-0000069. The engine was licensed from Minarelli in Italy. It was a 125cc two stroke with a magneto. Many stories can be told about this bike. Perhaps I will share some in this blog in the future. Here goes one: I sold this motorcycle in 1989 when I moved to the US, for US$350 (sort of the modern Harley sportster trade-in promo that you resell it at the value you bought it!). The guy who bought it from me decided to ride to the airport to bid me farewell. He didn't make it. The exhaust pipe fell off en route!

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