Saturday, June 6, 2015

Royal Enfield ABS! (Updated)

(Update 2015: I posted this in 2009, but the pictures I had found suddenly disappeared from the Internet with the demise of the Biker Tribes website. Now David Blasco of in a Facebook post links to a Video of the machine! Look around 2:47.)

According to biker tribes and also Wikipedia one of the fists tests of the Dunlop Maxaret ABS system on a motorcycle was on a Royal Enfield Super Meteor in 1958! The tests, conducted by the UK's Transport Research Laboratory, were very successful. Alas, Enfield's Technical Director at the time, Tony Wilson-Jones, saw little future in the system and it was not put into production by the company. This is sort of ironic now that NHTSA is considering making ABS mandatory on motorcycles! I offer $100 to whomever finds evidence that Royal Enfield pioneered motorcycle airbags...

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