Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Bonneville bullet rider hurt

I reproduce here a message sent to the Royal Enfield Yahoo bulletin board by Dan Holmes. Very sad news.

Posted by: "dch23" dch23 Sun Aug 9, 2009 8:36 am (PDT) It is with great despair that I share with you that Mark Brownlee from Sherman Texas, our rider on the Bonneville bullet was injured in a car motorcycle accident and is now confined to a wheel chair. I just found out yesterday and was really shocked. Mark is in good spirits under the circumstances and he was sorry he had not gotten hold of me sooner but under the circumstances I was out of reach. Mark lives in a very nice home inside a polebarn , unfortunately his home is not wheel chair accesible and he is forced to stay in a motel at the moment so he could escape the hospital! His occupation as a home inspector has come to a screaching halt and he has mounting medical bills etc. Please consider sending him a email a card , and possibly a donation. I intend to offer on ebay our bonneville bullet DVD for Ten dollars, and I will give the proceeds to Mark ! I would like to help him any way I can and I wish I was in Texas. I will include his email address and mailing address in closing and ask that any and all of you who can spare anything send him something. Even if it is a gift card, can goods , buy the video , send money, do all of the above . The hospital has put a lien on his house and he has no income, no insurance, the helicopter life flight alone is $22000.00 . I know we all need help and these are tough times but if you can find it in your heart and spare anything , even time as I believe he is down their virtually all alone. Dan Holmes PayPal for any cash donations , and or purchase of video. Mark Brownlee P.O. Box 2925 Sherman, Texas 75091 Thank each and everyone of you for all of your support , Dan Holmes

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