Sunday, October 25, 2009

The Lady Drives VII

Continuing with the brochure produced by Royal Enfield in 1915 we turn to the seventh featured rider:

"Experienced no difficulty in learning to drive" Miss M. Aleyne Wilkes, Castle Foregate, Shrewsbury, writes on March 1st, 1915, as follows:-

"I experienced no difficulty whatsoever in learning to drive my 6-h.p. Royal Enfield Side-car Combination. I have now driven it many hundred miles, and it is always a splendid success. I must not boast, but I have never had any trouble with it, and very rarely get any tyre difficulties. I am now looking forward to a delightful ten days' tour round North Wales on my Royal Enfield."

Miss Wilkes has experienced no difficulty in driving. With its simplified controls, the Royal Enfield is undoubtedly the ideal machine for the lady driver.

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