Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The Woodsman is back

One of the models in the 1955-1960 saga of Royal Enfields sold in the US as Indian motorcyles was the trials machine called the Woodsman. It had a tall exhaust and sometimes was called the Westerner. Royal Enfield reintroduced the model in the National Exhibition Center last week in the UK. The new machine sports a left hand side raised exhaust, footpegs slightly moved to the rear and solo seat.


  1. i really like these scramblers... sometimes i think about mounting one, but using a small diesel engine to run on biodiesel...

  2. Really wish they would introduce a big twin, 750 or 850. If they ever do that they will sell 3 or 4 times the 500cc.
    They should get the same designers that did the new classic.
    Either that or hire that guy that built the "Musket" to show em how its done.
    There's a gold mine out there waiting to be had in terms of a good standard "British" retro.
    500cc's just doesn't cut it for a huge segment of people out there who want a Royal Enfield Constellation or Interceptor.
    Honda has just come out with a beautiful Japanese "retro" the CB1100.



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