Thursday, January 14, 2010

Hydrogen powered Enfield

I have no information apart from what you can see in the video and what one can find here. I wish them good luck. They clearly have been very careful and resourceful and the project looks very neat. Alas, as a physicist I have to point out that barring some sort of miracle this makes no sense: one cannot take electricity produced by the Enfield generator, turn it into hydrogen, feed it back into the engine and gain efficiency. But perhaps with their experience one can in the future think of an Enfield running entirely on hydrogen adsorbed on a metallic substrate or some other technology. It is great that they are moving things forward! I'd say hail to these visionaries! Incidentally, this is a good place to point out that the Indian market sees the first hybrid motorcycle hit the streets!


  1. Jorge, I saw this as well, but could not follow the fellow's explanation very closely. It seems to me that it might add efficiency if the Enfield were producing excess electricity in running. Maybe his is: mine is not but that may be because in the U.S. the headlight must be on at all times. I also wonder about mixture. The carb would treat the hydrogen gas as though it was non-explosive air, so the mixture would go lean, wouldn't it?

  2. Difficult to know without more details. The excess electricity would not work, we are talking of less than 100W at best, which should be compared with the 16KW of the 22hp engine. Well within the noise level. If the engine was running rich and this is an elaborate scheme to make it lean, it may work, but if it was properly tuned to begin with they may blow a hole in the piston...

  3. It wont be efficient if in a straight input to output process but here unused electric capacity (no lamp loads at test)is converted to fuel input- Hydroxy gas. Its fed to aux air flange (to lean AF mix after carb -Indian models)& not to carb. With full electrics as at night i doubt if there will be any power left for gassing. Can't say how efficient it is in reality.



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