Friday, February 19, 2010

Lodge Plugs

Sir Oliver Joseph Lodge (1851-1940) was a renowned British physicist. Among his accomplishments, he transmitted radio signals one year before Marconi and contributed research related to the development of Einstein's theory of relativity. He also perfected several techniques for radio transmission and sold his patents to Marconi. In addition to that he invented the spark plug. His sons started the Lodge Plug Company. The factory was in St. Peter's Road, Rugby. These days there is a vacant lot there. But one of the streets still has the Lodge name! (The other name is that of Bernard Hopps, also involved in the company). The Lodge Plugs company went through several transmutations over history, becoming of late Morgan Advanced Ceramics (you can read details of the history here). The Rugby plant was relocated in 2005 from St. Peter's Road to a modern building in Central Park. Lodge plugs are still being marketed by Magneti Marelli for high end applications in Alfa Romeos and other boxer engines.

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