Saturday, March 27, 2010

British motorcycle history

This old fashioned video on the history of the British motorcycle industry has some interesting footage. At about 5:07 they show what appears to be a picture of the first Royal Enfield of 1901. Up to now I had only seen line drawings of that bike. Alas, the quality of the video is rather poor. Towards 8:30 they show a lot of motorcycles with machineguns riding around, some are probably Royal Enfields. At 8:48 they show a Royal Enfield sidecar rig being started with its handle and towards the end they show the legendary coal gas powered Enfields. The second part has almost no Enfield mention at all apart from a flash of a sign, No mention of Enfield at all in the third segment, though Geoff Duke, who was associated with Enfield for a while in the 60's, makes an appearance, Part four mentions the Welbike but not the Flying Flea, Part 5 has a lot of Geoff Duke, including footage from his wedding, And the last segment on the decline of the industry,

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