Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Margaret Newton, Enfield rider.

We talked about Betty Lermitte, the Enfield trials expert from the 1920's. When she left the team the gauntlet seems to have been picked up by Margaret Newton. According to Peter Hartley's book, she started 1930 well with a number of faultless runs in various reliability events on her 346cc solo model. In the Southern Trial on March 7 she won the "GM" cup for the best lady rider. At the same event T. Stewart, another Enfield rider won a first class award. On April 29 Enfield riders F. Bicknell, L. A. Welch, Margaret Newton, J. Kettle and Jack Booker all won awards in the Kickham Memomrial Trial. The first two won first class awards, Jack Booker a third and the rest seconds. In the Scottish Six Days Trial, Bicknell and Welch gained silver cups and Margaret Newton won a gold medal, and so did Campbell Spiers, whereas A. S. Campbell got a silver medal, all on 346cc Royal Enfields. In the Scottish Six Days Trial of 1931 Bicknell, Welch and Campbell Spiers secured the Manufacturers Team Prize for Enfield. Spiers and Bicknell won silver cups whereas Welch got a gold medal. Margaret Newton got a silver medal. This is the last mention of her in Hartley's book.

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