Thursday, September 16, 2010

Where in Gunnislake?

A member of the Royal Enfield owners club UK found this photograph of a Royal Enfield dealer (if you click on the picture and pay attention to the left door it says "Royal Enfield"), he assumed it was somewhere in Cornwall due to the license plates starting with "RL" and to be from the 1930's. Another member of the club has a friend that is interested in Cornwall mining history and recognized the smokestack on the left as belonging to an engine house of the Drakewalls Mine, portions of which still exist today. With a bit of effort and Google street view here is the modern view of the place, there still is some sort of garage in the place, Here's is a closeup of what's left of the engine house,


  1. It never fails to astound that you can accomplish these sorts of finds, Jorge. Tentative as it is, it gives a real sense of connection to the past which, of course, is something people who buy Royal Enfields tend to desire. This one must have been a real challenge.

  2. Thanks David! This one indeed took a bit of fiddling around to find...



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