Thursday, January 6, 2011

Norcroft Enfield

Earlier last year Aniket Vardhan took the world by storm when he announced he had built a V-Twin 700cc Royal Enfield from two 350cc Bullet engines. He dubbed his machine The Musket. It was an amazing feat of engineering for an individual. There are other V-Twin Royal Enfield attempts out there, most notably the Carberry Enfield in Australia. Much less known is the Norcroft Enfield, a creation of Bill Hurr and Richard Hurst. Bill had worked with the Austrian consultants AVL, which developed the lean burn engine for Royal Enfield. They built a 1000cc V-Twin with a Metisse chassis. Two prototypes were built around the year 2000 and they still have potential plans of producing them, according to their website.

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