Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Where in Warren, Michigan, part II?

Reader Robert Slovey, president of the Phoenix Veterans Foundation, saw the article about Royal Enfield in Warren and decided to visit the place and get better photos (the google street level image I had was blurred).
The address was 1981 E 8 Mile, which is clearly visible. Here  are two of them.


  1. I have a Series II Interceptor that was purchased from Shores Motors in 1971. Joe Schodeffer was the owner of Shores Motors on Eight mile, and his son Joe II is still around and has a late RE Fury, a 500 single with the better cylinder head (big fin style). I don't know if he has RE parts left, but he is a good guy and fun to chat with.

    I heard that the Shores Motors inventory went to Herb Koonsey up in Flint when they closed up. Herb died about 15 years ago, left no will, and his stuff is scattered to the winds. Domiracer bought a bunch of his stuff at a huge auction. Ken Lanoo was a mechanic for Shores Motors and is still working as a mechanic for TT Motorcycles in Mt. Clemens, MI.




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