Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Hitchcock's 2011 catalog

Hitchcock's catalog arrived a few days ago. You can also see the items online. It has a number of interesting items. They have introduced a big head for the iron barreled engine. This allows them to offer a Fury kit,
The kit includes a dual seat, electrics relocation, Amal carb, petrol tank with chrome panels, handlebar and yoke, headlamp, alloy front mudguard, exhaust pitpe, Avon tires and chromed rear suspension springs, in addition to the big head. It is good that they list the prices of each item individually, since when you tally them up the total exceeds 3000 Pounds!

Other good news include the availability of kits for the unit construction engined Bullets. I had been telling my friends that the only reason I wasn't running the Dakar rally is that there was no trials UCE available in the US. Now I must find some other excuse! If that Boorman guy could do it... wait... he actually did not finish...
The trials model is just beautiful with that Interceptor Series II-like tank. Kit price: 1100 Pounds. The Continental is also available, for 1625 Pounds.

Now, these kits are advertised as fitting the Electra EFI model, which is not available in the US. The main differences I see with the C5 are the shape of the toolboxes, but maybe there are others. Perhaps I do have an excuse not to run next years' Dakar!

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