Sunday, April 10, 2011

Tickle that AMAL

I decided to give a more retro look to my Enfield by installing an AMAL monobloc carburetor. AMAL was started after World War I with the amal-gamation of several manufacturers in cluding Brown and Barlow, AMAC and others. The company was sold in the 1960's to the IMI group of Industries and in 1993 it became the property of Grosvenor Works Ltd in North London. They revitalized the product line re-introducing many "obsolete" products that enthusiasts nevertheless wanted for their vintage machines. In 2003 Burlen Fuel Systems took over, who also produce Solex and Zenith products. The monobloc carburetor has the famous "tickler" a button that when pressed pushes down the floats and floods the carburetor for easy start when cold. It also has a handlebar mounted lever that opens or restricts the air admission. Allegedly it helps with cold starts. I don't notice any difference with it. The bike starts on the first kick. Burlen Fuel Systems is headquartered in the outskirts of Salisbury, Wiltshire.

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