Friday, April 29, 2011

Tim Wu

Tim Wu  is a professor at Columbia Law School, former chair of the media reform group Free Press and a writer for  Forbes, The Washington Post, and particularly Slate. He coined the term "net neutrality", the concept that network operators should not block or favor content,  and tirelessly communicated what is an arcane and technical topic of communication policy to the public. A topic that could have profound implications for how society develops. To the point that he has now been officially appointed to the Federal Trade Commission to look into the issue. The Chronicle of Higher Education has an article this week titled "Can Tim Wu save the internet?". A man of many interests, one of them is old Honda Motorcycles. I decided to write to him pointing out this blog and he wrote back saying he's considering getting a Royal Enfield!

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  1. Wu writes, of vintage Hondas: "The Japanese take on British motorbike aesthetics is, to my mind, a cross of cultures unrivaled since Italians began mixing tomatoes with Chinese noodles."

    I agree and I don't agree. I'm older than he is and I stick by my reaction at the time: They're what a British motorcycle would look like if you thought it should look more like something that made toast.

    A Royal Enfield is closer to the ideal.



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