Thursday, July 7, 2011

Anthony Hordern and Sons

Anthony Hordern and Sons was the largest department store in Sydney, Australia, originally established by an immigrant from England, Anthony Hordern in 1823. Several Anthony Horderns succeeded the founding ancestor and a huge six storey building was opened in 1905 called the Palace Emporium with its main entrance fitted with Italian marble. The crest on their coat of arms was a budding tree with the motto "while I live I grow". The development of US-style shopping malls in the 1960's sealed the fate of department stores and Horderns was bought by Waltons in 1970 and closed down. Mysteriously the tree in the Hordern estate, on which the crest of the coat of arms was based, died soon afterwards. The building was eventually demolished and replaced by the World Square development. In the 1910's Horden was a Royal Enfield dealer.

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