Friday, July 15, 2011


Novemberkåsan is an extreme enduro event, that has run continuously since 1915 in Sweden. It includes competition during the day and night in icy conditions. In 1951 Borje Nystrom in his 350 Bullet won the event. His brother Rudolf came in 7th and two other Enfield riders finished the course, which eliminated a third of the entrants. The conditions were so grueling some riders fell asleep, one of them with his bike on top of him!


  1. Wasn't even the very first Novemberkåsan also won by a Royal-Enfield? Driver was Gunnar Enderlein.
    RE was quite popular in Sweden at that time. It inspired domestic marques to devolop similar models, even the RE importer Wesslau begann manufacturing his own version, better suited for the bad Swedish roads of the day.

    Anders Svenfelt



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