Wednesday, July 27, 2011


"Sweet girl, Kajal Aggarwal, madly in love with hero on a Bullet. Family which idolizes the hero. Village that depends on him. Villain, played again, as in Wanted, by the super cool Prakash Raj, whose "ego hurt nahin karne ka" and who detests Devgn.
It's familiar territory. Hero walks in slow motion, puts on his dark glasses after polishing off the goondas, takes off his undershirt at opportune moments, and resides very happily in a designer village that could be anywhere in India."  From the review of this movie.


  1. I wonder if Harley or other international brands trying to break into India will start to use product placement in movies, displacing Enfield?

  2. hey, have you seen the movie? Did you really write this post? i am glad that you follow bollywood movie. especialy this movie. i liked this movie......Its really fun to watch the movie If you can understand the lingo used in this movie. Its hillarious. Also there is one movie that goes by the name "Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara" in which the actress "Kartina Kaif" Riding the RE Classic.

    Anyways i like you blogs and follow it. So keep posting.....



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