Friday, September 2, 2011

Royal Enfield scores first ton lap at Manx Grand Prix!

No, it is not a historical article. It happened this week! Legendary Enfield rider Steve Linsdell, on a 1970 Seeley Enfield finished fifth in the Manx Grand Prix and scored the first 100 mph+ lap by a British pushrod single in the circuit, according to the official site. Funny, since I had read he had done 100.16 mph already in last year's edition. Maybe they meant the first lap this year? Read about his 9000rpm 50hp fire breathing Bullet here.


  1. Hi. I know this is very late, but two comments. First, thats a pic of Malcolm Wheeler testing Steves bike at Cadwell, not of Steve. Second he did do 100.16 in practice at the Manx 2010, but pulled out of the race due to his Sons bad accident in the Superbike classic race, so the official lap record wasn't recognised until 2011.



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