Sunday, September 18, 2011

Star management team

Royal Enfield is moving to a flatter management structure with four key people running the company. Venki Padmanabhan (formerly at GM USA where he revamped Cadillac) is the CEO, Shaji Koshy becomes senior VP for markets (used to be senior VP for sales and marketing), Natarajan Krishnan (architect of the UCE) rejoins the company as senior VP for products after a stint at GE. Bala Govindrajan becomes senior VP for industry, returning to Enfield after stints at Suzlon (a wind power comapny)in China and in a JP Morgan led company.

This is a set of high caliber individuals, two of them with experience the US (although given the sorry current state of US manufacturing, I don't know if one should boast about this...).

The company can only go up with such a team at the helm. Albert Eadie and Major Smith are reported to be smiling somewhere.


  1. Hi Jorge

    I am writing an article about Royal Enfield production for both World Wars to be publish in our Spanish forum and I was looking for photographs of Albert Eadie and Robert Walker-Smith. Is this gentleman above any of the two?

    I would appreciate some feedback.

    Oh, by the way, I love your blog.


    David Menaza



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