Friday, October 28, 2011

Royal Enfield Invader

Please, Venki, please!!!


  1. That's something Royal Enfield should not be doing.. i.e. chasing Harley Davidson Dreams.

    Royal Enfield has got its own British DNA and American Crusiers is something which Royal Enfield is certainly not and (should not).

  2. David Blasco, it's not just a dream, someone in Australia is already producing them, its called the Carberry Enfield. Suprize yourself go to and see for yourself. Let all the other doubters know, the big Vtwin 1000 Enfield is out there to buy (if you have deep pockets).

  3. S.p-biker next door, you obviously have not studied english bike history. The british bike history is littered with a number of commendable Vtwins check it out. A big British derived V twin would be only resurrecting a past British tradition, so tell us what is wrong with that. The V Twin made in Australia is not quite like any American V Twin... for a start it handles well and is well engineered!!



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