Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Kilometro lanzado

I guess in English it is called "flying kilometer", a sporting event in which vehicles cover one kilometer in one direction and its opposite and times are averaged. On November 26 1916 the Royal Moto Club of Catalonia in Spain organized such an event. Royal Enfield sidecars took first and second place, something that was quickly seized by the local dealer to gain some publicity,
I guess he failed to mention that there were only three competitors in the sidecar competition!
The times for the Royal Enfields were 69kph for Escaler and 60kph for Vallet

The text of the newspaper says "Two Royal Enfield get in line and both get first and second place within their category, giving absolute satisfaction to their brave riders Escaler and Vallet, which made excellent speeds.
Escaler, repeating the ride outside of competition, got even a better time. The day before yesterday, like in other dates worth remembering, the Royal Enfield demonstrated the magnificent conditions they treasure and how justified the preferences of the intelligent public has demonstrated for them."

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