Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Harley prices in India

Readers of this blog know that Harley Davidson has set foot in India. In particular they are now assembling bikes in a factory they have in Bawal, 100km Southwest of New Delhi. This allows them to import the bikes as complete knockdown kits, which pay 60% import duty, instead of the 90% duty that complete bikes have to pay to enter India. Still, the prices are staggering for the Indian market. An 883 Sportster is selling for over half a million Rupees. This is around US$10k. More than five times what a Royal Enfield costs in India. Harley sold 250 bikes last year in India. Articles are cropping up stating that India will become Harley's salvation, but with those prices and volumes, I wonder how well they will fare. Still, it is an impressive development, only one other Harley factory exists outside the US, in Brazil.

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