Sunday, May 27, 2012

Doing something to help the great war.

"What are you doing in the great war", asked Mrs. M. Hartley-Smith. In her own words the answer "I am the possessor of a reliable and capable Royal Enfield sidecar combination, and journey to a munition works at midday on Saturday where, by arrangement, I meet a couple of workers and motor them through the busy streets to the quiet seclusion of shady lanes in Worcestershire and Warwickshire, where we partake of an al fresco lunch and get to my home in time for tea. After a rest and change, these busy people, who are out for a holiday (merely a short week-end), enjoy a real country meal sitting in a cool dining room with French window thrown wide open, through which the twitter of sparrows and robins and the sondg of the thrush and nightingale are heard.

Sunday is spent awheel, and the high roads shunned if possible, preference being given to the quietude of country lanes, when my guests delight in the fragrance of the flowers and trees of early summer, and the beauty of the fresh country side".

"At Stanway a photograph was taken of the famous gateway designed by Inigo Jones, at the entrance to Stanway House, the Gloucestershire residence of the Earl and Countess of Weyness, and here we were able to help a lady motorist who was in trouble with her car."
Stanway house today,
"It is surprising how much can be stowed in a Royal Enfield sidecar, and my guests were astonished when I produced from its capacity a patent spirit kettle and stove, which will easily boil in a gale of wind, and a well stocked tea basket. A cup of tea is always refreshing, but never before has one tasted so well as on this hot afternoon in such exquisite surroundings... By quite an early start the next morning I took my war-workers back to their centre in time for business, and I felt with the aid of my staunch friend, the reliable Royal Enfield, I had not only given two indispensable munition workers a healthy recreation, but I had, in a way, done something to help the great war."

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