Thursday, May 3, 2012

Fuel economy spec beaten!

In a fuel economy race for Royal Enfields organized in Gloucestershire, the winner scored 96.93 mpg, easily beating the factory spec of 79 mgp. What did he do? Ride at 5mph?

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  1. Shutting off and coasting downhill might have helped. But probably, yes, going slowly would be a big help. Naked motorcycles have poor coefficients of drag and so should benefit more from the low wind resistance of low speed than, say, a Prius. Also -- who measured gas usage? A factory representative. Not implying that anyone cheated but there's always some rounding off to be done at an informal event like this, tanks can't be bone dry, a pump may not meter exactly, etc. Everyone wants a good result, which spirit contributes to lack of challenge when some factor is overlooked. Really just a fun challenge.



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