Thursday, June 21, 2012

At Lyme Regis

In December 1914, the Bristol MCC organizes an 18 hour trial. Starting from Clifton, it went through Lynton, Launceston, Exeter, Sidmouth, Lyme Regis, Dorchester, Shaftesbury, Frome and back to Clifton. Many of the roads were mud at the time. It was won by George Brough, on a Brough, of course.

 This picture shows the Enfield riders, W. Eggington, H. Greaves and C. Norrington passing with their sidecars through Lyme Regis. Pay attention to the three buildings behind them: the stables, the hotel and the garage with the door looking sideways. They are still all there today.


  1. Amazing. This really puts us in the picture! Great find.

    David in Fort Lauderdale

  2. That's a long trip even on today's roads, nice to see that Lyme Regis has changed so little,



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