Sunday, July 1, 2012

Sent back for repair

The caption of this picture, the source of which is unknown, reads: "The photograph which we reproduce on this page is one in which many of our readers will find more than a passing interest. It depicts a 6hp Royal Enfield recently returned to the makers for "repairs", having been implicated in an accident with a heavy horsed vehicle. The Enfield Cycle Co. state that this is the most abject looking motor cycle that has ever been returned to them. The photography will convey a very good idea of what the impact must have been. At the same time, as proof of the Royal Enfield reliability and  the excellent  material employed in the manufacture of the machine, we should point to the front fork, which, although bent into an extraordinary shape, has not broken at a single point. The handlebar, likewise twisted out of all resemblance to its original design, has not broken away and the rear wheel, carrier, mudguard, etc., are without damage at all. Although it is not seen clearly in the photograph, one of the cylinders was cut clean away from its base, the tank was partly ripped ope and it will be noticed that the spokes of the front wheel have been pulled out of the hub, but, strange to say, the tyre has not burst or left the rim at any point."

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  1. So, then, will that be ready for me this afternoon?



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