Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Benetfink and co.

Located in 89-90 Cheapside, London, they billed themselves as "Furnishing Ironmongery" and claimed to furnish an eight room house for five Pounds. They also would sell you a Royal Enfield motorcycle and bicycle. Look at this ad for the first Royal Enfield motorcycle -a display unit!- for 40 Pounds. There is nothing left of their building today. See many more of their ads here.  According to this calculator that 3,600 Pounds of today. That is almost what the Bullet 500 retails for in the UK today and is only slightly lower than what the same bike (here called B5) retails for in the US today!


  1. "Slightly shop soiled" might give you a few dollars off, if you bargain. Great find!

  2. I have a really old ladies bicycle, it has the name benetfink on the frame and also the word Benelux I think as its hard to make out. Was benetfink a brand in itself, I have searched everywhere but cannot find any pics. The guy I bought it from said it was victorian



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