Saturday, December 8, 2012

Janus motorcycles

Janus is an American motorcycle manufacturer. Their philosophy is " to produce a line of simple, stylish, easy-to-ride and light-weight motorcycles that will appeal to a new generation of male and female riders." Their first model, the "Halcyon", is "an homage to 1920’s and 30’s record-breakers; Brough Superior, Indian, Triumph, and Zenith, to name a few... " I would add a 1922 Royal Enfield 125cc two stroke.

 I wish them well. But with a 50cc 9HP engine, I don't see much of a market for a bike like this in the US. It could not be ridden safely in many places...


  1. Jorge,

    That little R-E is quite the precedent! The Halcyon is of course not appropriate for use on the freeway-as a matter of fact it's illegal due to its displacement-however, it is designed and tested for urban riding, where it's 55mph top speed and rapid acceleration have made it an ideal choice for those looking for a stylish, practical way of getting around the city.

    Richard Worsham

    1. Richard,

      I think that an upgrade to a 125cc engine could unlock an interesting potential market: people who live in suburbs. There is it inevitable that you have to get for a while on a road where people are driving 55-60mph in order to reach a "quieter" place where the Halcyon would thrive.


  2. Fascinating idea and to my uneducated eye quite convincing when the Halcyon is seen alone. But compare it to the picture of the actual Royal Enfield and big differences between the eras appear. Most striking to my eye are the modern wheels, modern forks and modest handlebars. Big skinny tires, girder forks and arm's length handlebars are needed (along with less modern looking lighting equipment). But how would it handle then?

  3. Jorge, your right. A larger displacement version would open up an even greater market. For the time being we are starting small, like most of the great marques and gradually providing larger models, however, we'd like to stay under 250ccs for the time being.

    David, the Halcyon is not an attempt to replicate a historic motorcycle (built or imagined), but an attempt to build a stylish, contemporary bike that pays homage to the best in motorcycling history. It also addresses a category of motorcycle completely unavailable here in the States: a light-weight 50cc bike for urban dwellers looking for something more then the typical introductory motorcycle. We are in development of a larger displacement 4 stroke, but plan to continue supplying and updating the 50. We love 50cc bikes...




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