Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Where in Amsterdam?

Thanks to reader Jan, we learn that already in 1903 Royal Enfield was exporting motorcycles to the Netherlands. This ad is from "De Kampioen", October 2nd, 1903. The dealer was J Witmondt. The place at 106 N Z Voorburgwal (a nice street with a canal in the middle) is behind a closed gate that Google maps would not allow me to traverse :-) But the place looks old enough to have been there in 1903.
Later they seem to have moved to Prinsengracht 291, this is from 1907,

The place is now a store that sells clothes for kids,
They also seem to have imported the Enfield cars. This is from 1914, when the Enfield car brand was not related to the Enfield Cycle Co. anymore.

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