Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The Musket V Twin introduced

Aniket Vardhan presented the 1000cc Musket V-Twin via its Facebook page. Check also its website.

We let him make the introduction:

"Well, my dear friends, I reckon I've given it everything I could. Tried to give this one it's own character compared to the first one. Stripped down to bare bones. The 'pipe and muffler on both sides' caused quite a bit of agony particularly as the curved downtube left limited room between the front wheel and itself for the front pipe to cross over. The classically beautiful symmetrical exhaust of machines such as the 1939 Triumph Speed Twin is very dear to all of us and was a worthy cause to strive for, in spite of the challenge posed by this V twin as opposed to an inherently symmetrical parallel twin. 

The slim rear mudguard is actually a stock front one. Custom stays were made to mount it to the swingarm which allow it to hug the tire closely and move with it over bumps.

The custom downtube was curved to allow room for the front cylinder without increasing the wheelbase too much- only 2.5", which brings it to 56.5", only 1" more than a Vincent.

The left-shifting gearbox was converted to right side shift by fabricating a custom gearshift lever and a simple linkage, avoiding replacement of the inner and outer covers and shift mechanisms.

The clutch has also been beefed up to handle the extra power and didn't exhibit signs of slippage yesterday.
She was taken for a brief yet *truly exhilarating* ride yesterday with my good buddy Jeff. Oh yes, she goes, solid punchy torque available right from idle. Have to break it in, must be easy on her for now. It's is going to be very cold for the next few days, which I will use for tying up random loose ends such as cleaning up random wiring, re-routing cables etc.

I'm now burnt toast. Going to bed, quite a few aches and pains have crept into the frozen bones and tired muscles.

Once again, THANK you for your support.

Have a great day!


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