Saturday, February 16, 2013

6hp sidecar passes everyone, then saves life.

As we all know, nothing was impossible for the 6hp Enfield sidecar rig. You can imagine the self confidence they instilled in their riders. In a race organized in 1912 by the Dublin and District Motor Cycling Club, the race went through a Ballynacrae Hill. Some racers couldn't even climb it. An Enfield 6hp sidecar shot ahead of everyone with its boundless power, but after climbing he found a fallen injured rider. The Enfield rider, Mr. Weir, knowing he had nothing else to prove in the race, decided to abandon the race and take the fallen motorcycle, whereas the sidecar passenger took the injured rider to a hospital. As reported in The Motor Cycle May 12th 1912. .Some of us feel like that when riding our Bullets today!

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