Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Mystery new Enfields spotted

Moto journalism has a traditional feature piece: a new prototype bike being secretly tested gets spotted and speculation ensues. Enfield doesn't give us many of these opportunities, as they don't introduce new models that frequently. Here however seems to be a rare such occurrence. Apparently they are testing carburetted versions of the C5 to lower costs in India and they were spotted! Contrary to other manufacturers that tend to camouflage the new bikes, these ones had a sign that indicated they were being tested!

1 comment:

  1. When will RE join the grown ups and produce a beautiful new parallel twin air cooled interceptor of approx. 900 cc?
    The Bullets are nice but just don't have the juice for North American highways.
    I see Kawasaki has come out with a beauty, the new W800, totally air cooled, no oil cooler like the Bonnie.
    I love to buy a new Interceptor...suspect they would sell like hotcakes too.



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