Friday, March 29, 2013

Where in Adlington?

Royal Enfield has announced that it has a new UK distributor, motogb (they don't seem to capitalize any letters). So we decided to pay them a visit with google maps. They list their address as "White Bear Yard, Park Road, Adlington, Chorley, Lancashire".
Here is an aerial view of their facilities, separated by a canal from the Adlington School (those multicolor cigar like objects are barges, I suspect they are the kind one can live in, the parking lot to the left of the building has a sign that says White Bear Marina).

The entrance to the yard has a multi-language sign,

and taking a peek into the parking lot we see a van with "motogb" on the side. However, there is no apparent sign on the buildings, at least on this side, nor in the entrance.

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