Saturday, August 31, 2013

1000 mile trial

The 1000 mile trial organized in 1900 was a key moment in the development of motor vehicles in the UK.The locomotives act of 1896 had repealed many of the absurd limitations that previous laws had imposed on motor vehicles, like the one requiring someone walking sixty feet in front of the vehicle carrying a red flag. This opened the possibility for the establishment of a motor vehicle industry in the UK. The trial received a lot of publicity and showed a skeptical public that motor vehicles were a practical reality. As we reported, a Royal Enfield quad piloted by whom later would become a magnate, Baron Illife, completed the circuit. Now the Royal Automobile Club with the Historic Endurance Rallying Organization are recreating the event. No word of if an Enfield quad will take place. It is possible, as one regularly participates in the Brighton run.

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