Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Triumph India comes out swinging, apparently against Enfield.

Talking about the Triumph Thruxton, the CEO of Triumph India Vimal Sumbly says "I have been hearing a lot about cafe racers in the last few days. THIS is the real cafe racer." To quote the immortal words of Rodney King "can't we all get along?".


  1. Nothing sells motorcycles like a bit of controversy.

  2. Complete balderdash !
    Written by a nincompoop , the Thruxton is a twin cyclinder motorcycle not a triple , every acne ridden14 yr old schoolboy is aware of that - ye gods !
    Café racers for the lazy I say , no self respecting rocker would show up to the café on a ready made bike - don't yer know . Pride of ownership- old chap- pride of ownership - goes hand in hand with having a customised machine built by one's self. . Anything else is irrelevant - quite so !
    And why the devil haven't Enfield produced a twin cylinder large capacity machine yet - eh?
    Haaaaarrrrumph !
    Your servant ,
    Maj Bunty Golightly MBH , Defender of the Kickstart , Companion of the Royal floatchamber .Ace Café Customer [ barred ].



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