Monday, December 25, 2017

Where in Färila?

(I decided to turn this into the regular Christmas post for the blog. Even if it repeats year after year, who can tire of seeing this?)

Now you know the truth. That tall tale of reindeer and a sled was just a diversionary PR stunt put out by the Japanese big four. The real Santa rides a Royal Enfield! This picture from 1950 of Santa Claus freezing on top a Royal Enfield was taken at the dealer in Färila, Sweden, Dahlia, AB. Possibly one of the northernmost dealers or Royal Enfield.
Dahlia AB still exists today, and still sells motorcycles!


  1. Jorge, you find the most amazing things. If it was April Fool's Day, I would not believe this one. Good show.

  2. by far the most comprehensive blog on royal enfield. Very informative sir.

  3. wonderful bike, this is a good blog, I loves reading it.



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