Sunday, February 23, 2014

Where in Jakarta? (updated)

I know there is at least one reader of this blog in Jakarta, Indonesia, so I would like to recruit her/his help with this post, read on!

When Indonesia was still under Dutch rule, Jakarta was known as Batavia and Jalan Hayam Wuruk was known as Oost Molenvliet Street, an interesting street with a river in the middle. At number 51 was the Royal Enfield dealer, Lim Tjoei Keng. Here is a picture of the dealership from "REVS",

 Here is another view of the street, with the dealership on the left, found serendipitously (someone was auctioning a postcard with that image on ebay!), According to Google maps, this is what that address looks today. Is that brown roof still the same building? Could someone send me a picture of it today so I can update this post?

Update: So I was contacted by a family member of the owner of the dealership! He does live in Indonesia anymore, but he pointed out that the place is now a Toyota dealership and it does not appear much, if any, of the original building still exists. He also sent some pictures of ads,

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