Tuesday, May 13, 2014

London store (updated)

Royal Enfield is about to open its first store outside of India since the 1970's. It will be in London in Poyser street in Bethnal Green. Poyser is an interesting street, running parallel to an elevated railroad. In the arches of the latter various stores are present, whereas on the other side one has the backs of residential buildings. Will one of the arches be that of Royal Enfield?
Update: David Blasco points out to a picture of the building in the Royal Enfield website. It appears it is on the other side of the railway track from Poyser street (take a left below the track before the sign that says "MOT station"in the above picture). It is in the corner of Cambridge Heath road (which is parallel to Poyser on the other side of the track) and old Bethnal Green Road. This is what it used to look like, the building was an old motorcycle shop called "T.T.T. Motorcycles". Right next to it there is a Benelli store, and a couple of blocks from it several car dealerships. So it is an automotive part of town.
And this is what it looks like now,
and what the interior looks like,
I wonder why they list the address as 273 Poyser street, as such address corresponds to an arch in the track. Perhaps there is a secret rear entry to the building?Another Enfield mystery!
Sounds a bit far fetched. Number 273 is the 7th arch counting from the corner so it is kind of removed from where the Enfield building is. The old picture shows some sort of courtyard in the back, facing the rear part of the arches, so it could be possible...


  1. Unfortunately, it looks as though the new store is in a possibly modern building at 273 Poyser Street. You now see it on their website.

  2. Amazing. The whole neighborhood seems to have gentrified. Good spot for the store.



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