Monday, June 16, 2014


"Emperor" is an American-Japanese 2012 movie narrating how General Douglas Mac Arthur decided to partner with Emperor Hirohito to rebuild Japan instead of trying him for war crimes. Tommy Lee Jones plays Mac Arthur. It is a fascinating story, since it was not at all obvious what was going to happen. In the end General Fellers, who was tasked on producing a report about the subject, cannot determine if Hirohito started the war, but found out he was instrumental in ending it. The Emperor had convened the government members and indicated they should surrender and he would record a speech to the country saying so. Several members of the military disagreed and 1000 soldiers stormed the palace to kill the Emperor and destroy the recording. The Privy Council hid with the Emperor in a basement and in the morning were able to sneak the recording out to the broadcaster and that is how the country surrendered. Many of the revolting military committed suicide. To communicate his decision to the Emperor, Mac Arthur decides to meet him. An emperor had never met with a foreigner before. To attend the meeting the Emperor goes in a caravan escorted by motorcycles. In the movie, they were black Royal Enfields.

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