Thursday, August 28, 2014

Salt report

Taken from Royal Enfield USA Facebook page:

Salt Report for Thursday August, 27, 2014

The officials decided to close the track today. It is soft and we are all better off waiting for it to dry up some so it is good tomorrow. Lots of people have left so we should be able to get some good runs in tomorrow.

The Streamliner went through scrutineering today. We had an issue with the clutch and brake levers. As you will see from the picture the fairing is so narrow that we had to cut them pretty short. Also had to lower and cut the handlebars. The rules call for a "ball" on the end of a lever. Matt went to work with a grinder and a hand file and made some "balls" on the end and "Bobs your uncle"!!

We were all ready to run the naked bike before the cosure and discovered that it was blowing the main power fuse. It was fine when we put it away. A couple of hours later and about 20 fuses we traced to a short in the headlight bucket due to salt. The salt gets everywhere, especially the liquid slush when you drive in the pits. Salt is a very good conductor of electricity so shorts are common.

A side benefit was that we got one last tweak into the EFI system and added a bit more fuel around 1,000-2,000 RPM's which will help with throttle roll one.

No one found the weird thing that I put in yesterdays pictures. Go back and look again, (couple of posts below about unusual bikes at Bonneville) send to your friends to look. First one with the right answer gets a T-Shirt of your choice from our sister side Nfield Gear.

Your humble and salty reporter
Kevin Mahoney
President and chief bike pusher
Classic Motorworks LTD
Importer and Distributor of the
Royal Enfield Motorcycle since 1999
 — at Bonneville Salt Flats.

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