Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Leaked details of new engines

Why is Enfield keeping all this a secret? Shouldn't it be teasing the fans with bits and pieces of information in social media? Perhaps sending info to some distinguished blogs :-)? Anyway, this is what some have found.


  1. If future follows the path of history, distinguished bloggers such as yourself will be the last to know. Raising expectations about better products to come would tend to encourage potential buyers of existing products to wait to see what's coming. And it may be some time before availability catches up. So secrets are guarded. Also, is there really anything to know? While Enfield may be doing R&D on new products it really has no need to actually market any since at the moment its greatest struggle is keeping pace with overwhelming demand for its current products (in India). A bigger engine simply to please the tiny export market pales in comparison. Why create new engines now when the areas most often cited as in need of improvement (quality control) are ancillary to the already basically dependable existing motor? The rumor mill feeds on itself, recycling what may be just daydreams. Or. Maybe. Not.

  2. If RE is not going to launch twin cylinder bike,then it is bad news for me

  3. If RE wants in on the US market then it is going to have make products competitive with what's already available. An updated Series 3 engine would put REs on the interstate highways, more than capable of handling those speeds. RE's power plants out there now relegate the bikes to city streets and secondary limited access roads; definitely not the situation I want.



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