Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Hill climb for public school boys

A controversial motorcycle event took place in 1916. The UK had not planned for a long war and as a consequence rationing was not instituted until 1917 which meant that by 1916 there were severe shortages, particularly of fuel.  According to "The Motor Cycle" of April 20th 1916: "The Auto-Cycle Union contended that holding of the event was in direct opposition to the overtures of Government departments, who are endeavouring to limit unnecessary motoring, the defence of the organisers being that, as the competition was only open to public school boys, it would be very instructive for them should they join the Royal Flying Corps, M.T., or other specialised branches of His, Majesty's Forces, while the cost would be infinitesimal."


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    1. Capt. Griffith Heath, Royal Field Artillery, shows up on the World War I memorial at St. Paul's Church, Cheltenham. He may be the "G.Heath" pictured on the Royal Enfield. I did not search for the young man on the Triumph. The sacrifices to be made were becoming apparent, I guess.



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