Thursday, April 2, 2015

Leaked pictures of the twin?

It is unclear if these pictures really are authentic. If they are, they open the debate: this bike only seems to have the name "Royal Enfield" on it, the rest of it looks like any other modern bike. Should Royal Enfield try to keep a retro identity? Or trying to become a global leader requires competing head-on with other manufacturers? As usual the question is different if asked within the context of India (which appears what the company is responding to mostly these days) or to nostalgic riders in the export markets of Europe and the US.


  1. I'm guessing it's an April Fools Day joke.

  2. This Engine is Over Head Cam engine. But according to some other sources RE is going for traditional Over Head Valve engine similar to Interceptor. May opt for 692 cc displacement using stock 346cc cylinder. May opt for for any of the three names Meteor, or Constellation or Interceptor. Himalayan is going to be OHC bike.

  3. ....and Continental GT may get 624 cc UC engine, by increasing the stroke of present 535 unit from 90 mm to 105 mm, as used by Fritz Egli in his Super Bullet. This may deliver 45 bhp power and 70 nm torque.

  4. I'm with Blasco on this one.
    Besides, the cylinder shape is too ugly for RE.
    I also see some inconsistencies that lead me to believe it bogus.
    Bob Slovey



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