Sunday, May 17, 2015

Enfield, heal thyself!

So after many weeks of travel, rains and other excuses, I finally decided to ride my C5 to work last Friday. It was hot and I had worked out earlier so I was hot too. I started feeling my left leg wet. I thought it was sweat but then I started smelling gasoline. I could not see anything wrong while moving, but when I reached the first traffic light a couple of miles from home I could see a steady stream of gasoline dripping from underneath the tank. I had to make a quick U-turn and return home, hoping that no spark would convert my bike into a flaming wreck. When I arrived home, I could see the fuel pump underneath the tank and the pipe coming out of it all wet in fuel, but none seemed to be leaking. I emailed Classic Motorworks and got a quick reply from Kevin Mahoney himself, kindly offering to send me a new pump, but he suggested I checked the pipe to make sure it was not leaking through there. I also thought it could be that the leak only happened when the bike was running, so I placed it on the center stand and started it and checked the pump and pipe for leaks. I revved it up several times and... nothing. No leak. I decided to let it rest for a while so the fuel would dry up. Then I went for a ride after coming back from work. No leak. I rode it longer the next day. No leak. My best theory is that the gasket of the fuel pump dried up and that caused the leak and as it got soaked in fuel the seal was restored. I will have to monitor the situation in the next few days.

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