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Electric Enfield car for sale

We have written about the Enfield electric cars that were produced after the breakup of the Enfield Cycle Co. in the UK (see here, here, here, here). Now reader Jan points out one is for sale on Ebay in the UK. It has chassis number 002 and it sells for 1800 Pounds. Below is the item description.

Enfield 8000 ECC (electric city car). Chassis number 002. Thought to be the earliest survivor in existence out of the mere 120 made. Made on the Isle of Wight as a reaction to the Oil Crisis, the 8000 shares its badge with Enfield motorcycle & firearm company. 
Most now live in museums.

Made as a new ground-up vehicle, the rear wheel drive Enfield has a hand made aluminium bodyshell which sits on a square-tube steel space frame chassis. It has a 6kW 8hp single electric motor and capable of up to 40mph and 35-55 miles on a single charge. 

It used existing car components such as Hillman Imp rear lights, rack/pinion steering and front suspension, Austin Allegro headlights, Hillman Avenger door handles, Mini wheels & window latches and Lucas switchgear amongst other bits. 

This complete car recently sold for £3400, but needed new batteries and recommissioning:

This is the last Enfield to sell on ebay, which was missing bumpers and headlamp surrounds (both unique to the car and impossible to source), not to mention a smashed windscreen:

The screen on the Enfield is considered to be the value of the car. The heated screen on this car is complete and uncracked. There is a sign of misting on the driver's side edge but no major scratches or MOT failure damage.

The back window was removed by the previous owner when the seal failed, but this can be fitted back with new universal rubber seal. I have the glass somewhere. One side window is cracked, but apart from the aerodynamic windscreen all Enfield glazing is flat and easy to have replacements made up. Alternatively a Lexan window kit is available to order, which I can provide the new owner with details on.

As you can see the 002 car requires a full restoration. It is complete bar the 8 lead acid batteries (removed as they were long gone - replacements are simply van starter batts) and the previous owner told me it was last driven about 6yrs ago.Tax exempt and London Congestion Charge exempt.

The Enfield's original interior has survived well. The driver's door panel has been removed but is present. Both door panels could do with new cardboard/hardboard backing, which is a simple job. 

What makes this car unusual from later Enfields is that it seems to have a speedometer that is also a test tacho. Like most Enfields it was used as a test-bed by the British Electricity Board. 

The cabin floorpans look exceptionally solid as you can see from the pics where the carpet has been removed, but both front and rear flat steel battery trays in the bonnet and boot are corroded.

The body has numerous knocks and dents, and the paint is flaky but is aluminium so not rusty.

The bumpers and lights are in good condition.  

The car comes with its own onboard charging system present. None of it has been recently tested.

I have almost 100 photos of the car. Please click this link to view them:

I have restored one of these before and bare-metalled it by soda blasting. Having researched Enfield 8000s at great length I'd be happy to help the new owner source parts or upgrade the car to use modern tech.

There is a handful of duplicate spare parts from my other Enfield that I will give to the new owner:
Electronic controller and under-seat circuitry. 
Side window
Seat runners
Numerous interior trim pieces/panels
Bonnet hinges
Lots of nuts/bolts
Spare wheel.

Please note you're bidding to buy this car not haggle or kick tyres. Timewasters will not be tolerated. I can send more pics to those interested. It does not run and it will need fully restoring. Advertised elsewhere so I reserve the right to end auction prematurely. 

This is a rare piece of British electric car history that seldom comes up for sale. I have the V5 for this car, but the previous owner lost the ignition key so it needs a new ignition barrel. These are Lucas and similar to several '70s British cars.

Car could be delivered in an enclosed trailer for an agreed fee. Ideally collected (or delivery arranged) before Jan 8th please. For more info please email or call 07763 597887. 

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