Friday, October 21, 2016

A motorcycle race in 1899

Someone once said that the first motorcycle race happened when the second motorcyle in the world was built. This description comes from the Leeds Mercury, Friday 11th of August of 1899. The Enfield apparently already in 1899 came equipped with the well known device that prevents Enfields from being started when other people are present!


  1. Jorge, thats is perhaps much more significant than one would at first think. Royal Enfield historians always peg the first RE motorcycle as 1901, but here we are looking at an article in 1899 about a Royal Enfield with an engine which didn't start because of the incorrect mix of 'spirit and air' - which puts the longest still-extant motorcycle manufacturer back a further 2 years!

    1. It is not easy to see, but it does say the Enfield was a tricycle, which existed in 1899 and possibly in 1898 as well.



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