Saturday, October 8, 2016

Barber Vintage Festival

I decided to drive six hours to Birmingham, Alabama to attend the Barber Vintage Festival at the Barber Motorsports Park. There were thousands of motorcycles there.
There was an "Ace Cafe Experience" sponsored by Royal Enfield, but they wanted $10 extra to enter it so I passed.
There was a large swap meet with a lot of parts and bikes for sale,
Someone had a recent vintage brand new Royal Enfield,
Someone was closing down their dealership,
He had a cream colored Iron Bullet for sale,

and also a bunch of fenders,
Someone's personal ride was a yellow Conti,
There was a ball of death,
People could test their bikes in the track,
There was an inflatable church (!),
And finally someone passed by on his Military Bullet,
All in all a great experience, though the 12 hours roundtrip of driving took their toll.

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