Saturday, November 26, 2016

Royal Enfield Rifle Saloon

It appears someone coined the term "Royal Enfield" before the legendary company in Redditch did. In Leeds in 1860 you could practice your marksmanship at the Royal Enfield Rifle Saloon. 34 Land's Lane is occupied today by an arcade of shops that looks sort of old, but I don't know if it will stretch way back to 1860. From The Leeds Times, 17th March 1860.

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  1. A good find old boy !
    Saloon rifle shooting was a common pastime in Victorian times -and actively encouraged don't yer know . The Enfield [ Royal small arms] factory was still quite new and was in the process of supplying Her Majesty's forces with accurate rifled arms - by gad .
    The days of massed ranks of musket shooting which required no great skill were over , accurate marksmanship was now the name of the game by jove . And what better way to nuture potential marksmen soldiers than to get 'em shooting before they join the army . Brilliant wheeze don't yer think .
    There were also miniature rifle ranges in public houses . Damn fine idea , should have 'em today says I .
    Guns used would have been smallbore blackpowder rifles , smokey and smelly - haar haaaar .
    The Royal Enfield Rifle Saloon would have been a jolly good place to visit , indeed it would .
    Your servant ,
    Maj Bunty Golightly , MBH .



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